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    please comment

    any suggestion or critics will be apreciated...

    thank you...


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    Hello. I think the design is pretty but the load time is pretty slow. I'm on a high speed connection and gave up on the intro after several minutes. Then, once inside the site the pages crawled (when they loaded at all). This is all the farther I got...
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    Is your site down? I got a "page cannot be displayed" message.
    Mary Ann
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    I was unable to access the website. First, it began loading agonizingly slowly. I then went back to try again, got an empty page with 'done' on the bottom left. Is there a problem with your host?
    Terri Arnold
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    thank you all for your time ...

    Leisa ... unfortunatelly the site is yet hosted on a server that have limited speed outside Romania... I hope that I will fix that soon...

    info202 and amberstar702 ... yes... I had some problems with the hosting... sorry for that :(((((

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