I have a page that takes a long time to process a SQL query (~30 seconds). What I would like to do is display a message that says "Please wait while this page is loaded".

All the scripts I have seen are for pages that have large amounts of content (i.e. large pictures) and the html is loaded on the page...so you can run javascripts to handle the message. However, since my problem is a large query, I don't get anything on screen for about 30 seconds.

response.buffer=false is out because there are cases where I use response.redirect.

I have one solution where I go to a loading page and use a meta redirect. This keeps the loading page text on screen while the other page loads. My problem here is that any animated gif (which I would REALLY like to have on this page) does not run...it just stays on the first frame.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!