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Thread: Just the basics, please!

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    Just the basics, please!

    Hello All,
    I finally bit the bullet and bought Macromedia's MX Studio for big bucks. Dreamweaver takes time to learn, but with Flash, Fireworks and the others it seems very hard to get started. There was no manuals in the box, or samples that I could use/find in the program.

    Where is the "to create a flash,,, start here" In other words, what is the first five steps in creating a flash file?
    Mike Szyszka
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    Flash MX has a pretty good help file system... may want to start there. Also, Macromedia Flash MX Bible is a good read.

    If it helps:
    1. Create new document - File -> New - Flash Document
    2. Set up the document settings: Size, backgroud, frame rate
    3. Start drawing/animating
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    I learned from the flash tutorial

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