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Thread: My Pic/Intro

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    My Pic/Intro

    Hello Everyone...
    I just joined and wanted to say hi! look forward to learning and sharing with each of you!


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    Senior Member Brittany's Avatar
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    Jul 2003

    your photo


    Welcome to WebProWorld! I hope you'll enjoy being a member!

    I uploaded your photo, so it will appear beside all your posts. I edited it slightly to make it easier to see -- I hope you don't mind!

    Let me know if you have any questions or need anything else.

    I look forward to seeing you around the forums,

    WebProWorld forum host

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    Templates question for you

    Hi Andrea, welcome to Webproworld! I'm relatively new here too and I'm glad to say that it's a great place to get help on tech issues. A very friendly crowd of people.

    I have some questions for you. I want to create a hotel booking website whereby I will present content from some different travel content providers.

    a). Can I use your products to simply add in text and images and url's rather than having to create html?

    b). Is this done using a control panel / template
    over the web?

    What I'm looking for is something that will simply allow me to create good looking, easily changeable web pages very quickly.

    I'm good at online and offline marketing and I don't want to spend my time creating pages, I want to bring people to my site to make reservations.

    You input will be appreciated.

    Kind regards
    London, UK is an exciting city and we're here to help you enjoy it when you visit.

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    Brittany - No.. I didn't mind at all! Thank you very much!

    Lawrence - I will answer you more specifically in an email as well as send my contact information and the information of our lead designer, however.. To answer you in general -

    A - Yes.. You can use our products to simply add in text.. We work very hard to make sure that each template has enough layouts that all you should have to do is add your own words. None require the use of HTML, how easy they are to edit depends on the editor you choose. Most of our newer designs use CSS which makes them easy to change around colors, but otherwise I see no reason you'd need to even use the HTML.

    B. You can use it in any editor from Notepad to FrontPage... Its completely up to you.. Altho I would recommend using a WYSIWYG editor (ie: FP or DW)

    I agree.. webmasters should spend more time bringing the people in rather then designing the sites. Colors, Graphics and Layout are the hardest things in web design... Which is why templates are a much better way to go if you want it fast, easy and professional without paying out the nose...

    Hope this helps... :)


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    Web page templates

    Andi, thanks for your post and your email, very helpful.

    I don't yet use FP or DW so I'd like to edit my pages the easiest way possible.

    Is there a cut-down or trial version I could run a tryout on to see how I get on with it?

    Even if it's only one page this could give me a clear understanding of what's involved.

    Kind regards
    London, UK is an exciting city and we're here to help you enjoy it when you visit.

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    As stated in my email to you, I'm sorry we cannot give out "trial versions" of templates.. it would defeat the purpose of selling them.. Which is why companies that sell them block code and put tracers in them.

    To see what you'd deal with without a WYSIWYG program, right click on this page and view source.. you will see exactly what you will need to deal with.. forums run off of templates as well...

    You are better off with a WYSIWYG program.. Without it.. You will be reading code .. and dealing slightly with code when adding tables, bold, etc...

    Sorry if this isn't much help...

    Kind Regards,

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