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Thread: I love it new beta MSN

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    PM read and resonded too. I have notification turned off. I hate pop ups of any kind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AGS
    PM read and resonded too. I have notification turned off. I hate pop ups of any kind.
    Thank you ! I know what you mean
    Although, you can turn off the pop ups and leave the notifications, so atleast you will get an email
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    What can I say other than WOW! I met this new idea of MSN becoming a serious competitor with a bit of skepticism because I'm so use to Yahoo! and Google being the focus of attention. This new MSN bot has already graded A+ in my book. I was truly astonished at how relevant the results were coming up when entering certain key terms..... Though basically anything I put in to the SE seems to come up with highly relevant results.. It really seems like the model search engine.

    In example with my own experiences, I have just begun bringing a couple of new sites to the market - one being which I started adding to SEs and marketing in August. Didn't once submit anything to MSN, yet it shows up on top in the #1 position with the keyword term Aroma Garden. Caching is up to date as of yesterday which is really nice (IMO). I didn't really believe the whole sandbagging theory with Google until now. It seems Google hasn't cached this website’s index page since November 11th. I see googlebot hasn’t even hit since the 21st. Oh; and the ranking on google is so poor for this site that for the term Aroma Garden it puts the result on the 5th page!!! Google was one of the first places I submitted by the way. MSN never even got a “knock, knock” from me and already has me at number 1.

    Two other sites; and I only submitted just two days ago to other SE’s (Yahoo!, Google, Jayde, ect..) and the URLs of both already show up in MSN; never even having submitted directly to MSN. I had created a few links here and there over the course of the past couple of weeks; so I suspect the back links are reading and indexing incredibly fast.

    Anyhow, just my two cents ... .I just had to spit it out there.

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    Some of my sites are higher in the new MSN than Google, a some are lower, so I am neutral on MSN from this respect.

    However - for the last week when I have needed to search for anything unrelated to SEO or my sites (eg movie time; hotel etc) - I have deliberately used both Google and MSN (repeating the search). Conclusion: MSN is crap and has a long way to go to catch up to Google.


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