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Thread: horizontal css menu

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    horizontal css menu

    I'm finally getting around to exploring horizontal menus in css at

    Started at listapart's June article on horizontal menus, but am having problems. Opera and FireFox don't like my display:none. They are displaying the whole menu, unlike IE which correctly shows the top menu only.

    But then IE displays the submenu when hovering, but it doesn't go away after hover is finished.

    So I tried Son of Suckerfish, at, using the left margin to theoretically push the submenu away. Again, it works in IE, but not FireFox/Opera, and this version of the javascript hover doesn't work at all in IE.

    I thought this was the way to go for horizonal submenus, but ít seems not.

    (Next week it'll be vertical menus)

    Any ideas?

    ta chris

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    Suckerfish CSS menus

    Hi Chris,

    Have you looked at the Suckerfish Dropdowns at the HTML Dog site?

    I tried the menus out on most current browsers and they work just fine.


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    I refreshed the javascript code, and that fixed half of it.

    But the embarrassing bit was the dangling LI. I closed it before the UL instead of after. Interesting that IE didn't mind but the others objected.


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