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Thread: MSN Refresh?

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    MSN Refresh?

    I was recently hired by a local business who already had a website (one of those build-your-own sites at to do some image scanning and photography and upload the pics to their site. At that time, the site had been created but not yet been published to the buildyoursite server - the site could be previewed by the owner by logging in to his account and clicking the "Preview site" link, but no one had ever clicked the "Publish site" button. Consequently, anytime anyone typed their domain name into their browser's address bar they got a place holder page for the site.

    Well, after I got the photos inputted, I explained to the client that they needed to publish the site, which they asked me to do. So I did. Now when you go to their domain ( the site shows up, but the client, whose home page on his computer is MSN, still types it into th MSN search box instead of the address bar, and MSN's results still show the place holder page (i.e. "PlaceHolder for This is the placeholder for domain If you see this page after uploading site content you probably have not replaced the index.html file. This page has been automatically generated by Server Administrator."

    However, as I've explained to him, if one clicks the result's link, it takes them to the real site's new page. How does one get MSN to refresh their results for this site? This bothers him so much he has called me about three times in the past two weeks wondering why it still says it is the place holder. I've explained about caching and crawling, but I don't think I've satisfied him.

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    I hear ya.

    IMO, refer him to some articles that verify how complex SE's are, and things don't happen overnight. At the same time, it will happen a lot sooner than it would have if you didn't catch that his site was never published.

    I seem to notice MSN moving more quickly than in the past, and also more frequently than Y.

    Best regards.
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    I've done that and hopefully he understands - haven't heard from him yet this week!

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