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Thread: Site Submissions

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcbad
    Review flash site if interested:[/code]
    Hi Great looking site. I always hate the loading "wait" time but it was worth it this time. I love the product and the sale!
    The gray scale works fantastic....I love the random feeling from the angular inserted windows, and the typing that looks like it is from an 'old fashioned' style broken(haha!)typewritter is another great effect!
    I only wish it had a "back" button somewhere to revisit a page if you leave it to quickly.
    All in all a great job!!

    Here is a Flash site I designed... (Feedback is Helpful)
    My biggest problem with this flash and using graphics is getting SE to find them. Any Suggestions??

    alou....aka myah :)

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    constructive criticism for

    To the designer of Hemet Web Design:

    I took a look at your site and feel compelled to inform you that you have broken every rule as far as design goes. Please don't take this as an insult, but do use my criticism for further improving your design skills.

    1st- your main page is too busy. The old saying "less is more" is a good rule of thumb.

    2nd- your body copy all compete with one another. The usage of different colors for body copy will frustrate your end users and trust me-they will quickly exit your site.

    3rd-You have used 5 different fonts: the serif font on your top buttons, the logo for Wild Web Design, the animated "bulding custom web sites for you", the Hemet Web Desing logo and the sans serif (Arial-Bold) body copy. The rule is no more than 3 fonts for designing.

    4th-The use of continual motion, as with your logo, the working men and the "building your web...." is another blunder. Constant motion is highly distracting for your users: especially when they are on the same page. That is a major rule broken!

    5th-watch for your leading and kerning-not enough space between characters makes your body copy hard to read.

    6th-Keep in mind that colors have meaning. In your case, your usage of black and red portray "horror" and "hell" especially with the flame you added.

    1- use a dynamic text box and link this box to an outside text file. That should clean up the clutter.

    2-If you must use the black background-make the body copy all the same color (preferrably black with a white box as your copy container). Do not bold your body copy! If you don't have to use a sans serif for your body copy, contemplate using Times New Roman. This font make large copy easier to tolerate than a sans serif.

    3-Use a grid to design-Flash provide grids, guides and rulers like most applications.

    4-Reconsider your "pill" buttons. They are overused, especially in bad design. Why not remove them entirely and instead just use the words with a simple rollover.

    5-Figure out what headline is most important-so they don't all compete.

    I also took a look at your portfolio-most have these same problems. Consider gaining some training-perhaps a design curriculum at an accredited university. Or reading magazines like How, Print and many others, as well as, books on design rules and principles.

    I apologize if I sound insulting-That is not my intention. I am only implying that anyone can learn software, but design is another demon entirely.

    Good Luck


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    hi guys.
    Already posted this elsewhere before i found the flash thread so i'll post here and remove the other.
    Please take a look at if you can feedback along the lines of the above post by "jude n" it will be much apreciated. Im no expert at Flash but i love useing it and intend to keep climing the learning curve.
    always onwards and upwards Hidden Content
    skype me 020 7193 7538

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    The site

    talk about converting video to flash

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    OH.........My website is dead......
    Because I do not know how to make one.
    Any suggestion is welcome?
    my website : "Link deleted" (by Moderator Webnauts).
    Just Want to make homepage excellent.
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    Re: Site Submissions

    I want to measure the appeal to men. This is primarily targeted toward women but the man is in on the decision making.

    We are working to improve SEO in light of the flash.

    Courtship Stories


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    Re: Site Submissions

    see my new site with flash

    Welcome to PNC Graphics

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    Re: Site Submissions

    Check out my site- I am a Yr 10 stident, this site showcases my work...

    Welcome to

    Welcome to

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    Re: Site Submissions

    @alex298, this is really I need learn flash with examples.

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    Re: Site Submissions

    I am interested with flash generator..I think i need to seek more examples and tutorial to make flash..

    I have a website and I am planning to put flash generator to change with my current website header..which it is just gif file..

    Anyone have an idea to get this all tutorial regarding flash?

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