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Thread: An introduction

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    An introduction

    My name is Greg Sticker and I created this web site that I call Total Exclusive Network.
    Total Ex Net is a News and Current Events website with links to
    News organizations such as, USA and leading Newspapers
    such as Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and Washington Times.
    Also on the site is a feature called Link Up to the World in which I publish
    a Current Events article called Soap Box.
    Also featured in Total Exclusive Network is a showcase of short stories and
    fiction writings. There is a shopping site in which I offer the sale of
    general merchandise with online instructions for people to purchase items
    listed. I want to farm myself out so to speak and have my site linked up to
    respected sites. I believe in
    diversity in media, and the aim of Total Ex Net is to gain an audience in
    diverse corners of the global community via the Internet.
    Here is the main directory of Total Exclusive Network; Your Link to the
    world for the New Millenium.
    Home page

    Come and See
    Shopping site

    Church Windows
    Orthodox Christian links and original Faith Commentary.

    Pura Dulzura
    fan page for Latin performer Jennifer Pena.

    Features in Fiction
    Original short stories.

    Link Up to the World
    portal to favorite sites and features original Current Events
    commentary Soap Box.

    RaD's HiDeOuT
    Deliberately off beat world of KiD RaD with original Special Commentary and
    links to satire news sites.

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    Hi Greg:

    Let me be the first to welcome you to the forum!

    Terri Arnold
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    Thanks for the welcome

    Thank you for the welcome Terri. I am needing somebody, anybody who will help me make this site a success. I need a person willing and able to give me the right direction in the way of ideas, hands on help, and whatever else I need to take my site ideas and make this a useful site. I am seeking any serious inquiries about this. I am also looking to be hired on by anyone who is willing to hire me as a writer. As anyone can see from looking at my site I have articles and short stories. is there anybody that can give me that little push and steer me in the right direction?

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    I am still looking for help

    I am still looking for help. I see from researching my profile and seeing my posts that there are people reading my post, but I have not had any replies. Is there anyone who has the time to help me?

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    Hello GregSticker. Welcome to WPW. Maybe we can work out a trade? I need a writer. pm if intersted.
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    I see that...

    I see that your other post is in Freelance Work. Submitting to the site review forum can work wonders. Also, check out the Marketing forum and get an analysis by ctabuk. I think you'll find it to be an incredible experience.

    Oh, and I can't forget to say welcome to WPW.

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    Welcome to the Forum!

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    Greg welcome to WebProWorld.
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