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Thread: -plus size lingerie

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    13 -plus size lingerie

    This is a redesign of an existing (10 year old) website. Interested mainly in ease of use and overall appeal (would you be interested in exploring the site based on one page).


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    Dont know why its always me who reviews this type of site first!!!

    Site loads quickly, nice design, nice colours, most items only 2 clicks to add to cart which I like,

    Nice site.

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    poor Steve... probably the reason he is the first to review this kind of site is because he is fascinated by the site names... LOL

    Anyway, your site looks very good, loads quickly and navigates easily...
    I would make several suggestions:
    1. add you physical address, phone number, etc... this information lends credibility to your company/site.
    2. I would also suggest you indicate exactly what sizes you carry... while your models are not super thin, they are also not very heavy.... this can be deceiving to the very plus size.
    3. you have a link on the bottom of your index page that is a link to your own site...
    4. you need some kind of return/privacy policy.. perhaps you have this, but I could not find it.

    hope this helps....
    Mary Ann
    Affordable Websites Designed - Hidden Content

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