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Thread: publishing flash

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    publishing flash

    I made a flash website with a dark navy blue background and looks awesome on my computer.

    i copied the files on to a Cd and viewed the file in my lap top. Let me tell you it looks horrible. the navy blue is in some lighter shade and all other images too. the images stand out in terrible squares and curves that they don't merge with the background. I am very upset. why this change in colour. I viewed the pages in another computer and the effect still remained the same. So what do I do now
    please educate me. thanks

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    What happens if you view a normal html page with a blue background across different computers? Do you see the same effect?

    Can you post a link to it?

    As far as images go what you have found is a known problem and solutions can be found here to remove the edge or background that shows up:

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    Yes, I thing that the link to that Flash is needed. Please post it here.
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    I have uploaded my first two pages for you to check.
    take a look
    let me know how it appears to you.

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