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Thread: health care and home care related

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    health care and home care related

    Interested in reciprocal link exchange partnership for our new e-shopping web site

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    We have a site that is a pr6 and soon to be a pr7.
    We are adding a directory to the site now so we can take many different topic sites.

    We will link to the directory from every page on the Geeks On Steroids website and also from all the pages on our forum this should help build the pr on the directory to a pr8 in a couple months as we plan to build the website to a pr8 also.

    All we ask is for a link back. If you have time go to if your interested send an email to give him the information you want for your site and where we can find our link. Our information is

    Geeks On Steroids
    Website Design

    Hope to here from you soon


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