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Thread: Any one know how to get pop up ads off my computer

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    Any one know how to get pop up ads off my computer

    I keep getting ads that pop up on my computer even when I am not online. I have removed this a long time ago but itstarted up again and I forgot how to do remove it. Can someone here tell me how to stop them
    Thank you

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    You can try this tool

    Go to
    Install it on your PC and run it. It'll clear up your computer from adware software you may have catched up recently and which cause those pop ups.

    Further make sure you download adware known databases from site, it's similar to how antivirus software regulary download viruses databases to be able to fight with them.
    Artyom Diogtev
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    You could also use Google or Yahoo toolbars, both have pop blocks.
    if you use Norton software, there's even a way to block images/ads that are not pops...
    Firefox browser (and aol) now block automatically.

    Hope that helps!
    V. Faulkner
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    or get Popup Stopper - if you use Intruder Explorer, oh sorry, I meant Internet Explorer ;)
    Regards, Peter
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