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Thread: Why doesn't my anti-virus software pick up the virus

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    Why doesn't my anti-virus software pick up the virus

    I am convinced I have a virus on my PC as it is acting erratically and will often hang Outlook, particularly if I am trying to open a file with an attachment.

    I only open attachments I can trust btw.

    It has got so bad that I am using Eudora for mail now as I just could not work properly.

    My problem is that in spite of running the latest Norton Internet Security as well as Norton Anti-Virus 2004 no viruses are reported.

    Now I find that the IIS server on my PC which I use to test asp pages prior to uploading is not working with IE any longer and I have been forced to go to another browser (Opera) which is working just fine with the IIS from within dreamweaver to view new pages.

    This has convinced me that a virus or worm is present on my system but I do not know how to find it and remove it.


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    Running just one anti-virus does not catch all viruses. You can also end up with Trojans and other malware on your computer that only malware removale programs will detect.

    Have you ran any malware removal programs such as Adaware and Spybot: Search and Destroy?
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    Sounds like you need to read this.

    You may have been a victim of the recent Download.Ject malware.
    As it changes the append file behaviour in iis your anti-virus programs may not be picking it up.
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    yet another reason to stop using M$ products.
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    This doesn't sound like Download.Ject at all. If you have Norton's updated it would detect it. The Berbew backdoor is easy to detect and remove - you just don't know it's there. It isn't likely there would be problems with Internet Explorer or Outlook.

    What version of Windows are you running?
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    Two suggestions -

    First follow Redcircles process for Spyware Removal.

    Second - if you still have problems post again ;)
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    Thanks for the help, I am running Spybot Search and Destroy right now.

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