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Thread: Netscape 7.2

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    Netscape 7.2

    I received this from Netscape today:

    Pre-Order the Netscape CD & Guidebook
    Netscape 7.2 CD & Guidebook
    $14.95 plus S&H

    Netscape 7.2 CD
    $5.95 plus S&H

    The new Netscape 7.2 browser includes the following powerful features:
    Enhanced Security - Ignores ActiveX Attacks that Plague Internet Explorer & Confirms Plug-in Downloads.
    Pop-Up Blocker - Advanced Controls Fight the Onslaught
    Spam Filter - Intelligently Defends Your Netscape Mailbox
    Virus Scanning - Scans Your Netscape Webmail Account
    Pre-Order Now & Be One of The First!
    I didn't think Netscape was trying anymore. I don't see anything about browser improvements...but I do like the advanced pop-up control idea and ActiveX ignoring.


    P.S. Is this the best forum to post browser info in?

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    Re: Netscape 7.2

    Quote Originally Posted by richkoi
    P.S. Is this the best forum to post browser info in?
    Funny you should ask that we were just discussing the same question in the Mod forum and like all good mod discussion we didn't have a definative answer just a series of part answers.

    If it's Browser Accessibility issues then it's: Accessibility & Usability
    If it's Browsers and Operating systems, servers or network issues then it's: IT Discussions
    If it's design implications of differnet browsers then i'ts in here: Site Design
    If it's Browsers and shopping carts then it's: Ecommerce Talk
    If its just general Browser talk then probably it would be: Internet Industry
    Finally if its an amuzing browser story, problem or question then why not: The Break Room

    So in answer to your question 'possibly' :) But lets work on the principle with both this post an dyour IE& post that they are here now so they can stay here

    Julian (aka Carju1 Moderator)
    Oh well everyone else does it - Hidden Content - Hidden Content - Hidden Content

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