I'm very successful at Google Adwords, I regularly make my adwords clients a lot of money! I get them top spots for less CPC then their competitors. I understand it can be frustrating, so I am willing to share some adwords secrets, just ask me and I tell you how to make it work!

I see a lot of people saying "I'm getting clicks but no sales" well that says something to me. 1st I would bet most of you are sending them to your home page, are all your products on your home page? Send them to the product page you are advertising for. Home pages can be confusing to someone that has never been to your site before.

Another possibility is your site needs to be designed more for the impulse buy. Thatís what adwords are all about. Send them to the page they are looking for and catch their attention immediately!

Your ads are one of the most important things about adwords. Don't create dry "this is what I have" ads. Make them dynamic, force the person to click and want to know more.

Always have at least 2 ads going at the same time, after a few days delete the one that is doing poorly and create a new one, always try to beat your best ad.

I can't stress this next tip enough. USE NEGATIVE KEYWORDS!!! Time and time again people fail with adwords. I hear them complaining about all this traffic with no conversion. I have a client that sells performance diesel parts. One of his products is something called "Superchips". He only sells this product for Diesel trucks. Here is an example of negative keywords:


After doing research on this product, I found there were around 9000 searches for superchips on only one of the major search engines, roughly 20%-40% were for these negative keywords. Thatís now 20%-40% less money he is spending on negative traffic.

Adwords can be your best friend or your worst enemy, it's all up to you and how much research you want to do and how much time you want to spend doing it. Adwords isn't the magical land of oz, you can't click your ruby slippers together and start making money. It takes time and effort but is well worth the reward once you understand the concept.

-Jason Tor