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Thread: Does Your Logo Really Work on Your Website?

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    Re: Does Your Logo Really Work on Your Website?

    Thanks Brittany for this useful information. YourWeb.Info has sent in a request for this free service. It is another aspect of the design of a web site that is useful. Nice to see that experts like this are willing to offer such a service for free to the little guys.

    The Staff at YourWeb.Info

    Quote Originally Posted by Brittany
    As we all know, making sales on your Web site involves a lot of factors. Ever consider your logo as part of the success (or not) of your Web site?

    Our logo expert, Bill Haig, has done some interesting research on this and has determined that your logo must be credible to be effective.

    Last year we asked Bill to give our readers a no cost logo evaluation on his Credibility Scale. He received over 400 requests!

    This year Bill is offering the same no cost evaluation again. This is a good opportunity to receive an expert opinion, good or bad, about your logo.

    Bill provides a three page evaluation, including background as to why Credibility Based Logo Design works. He gives examples of credible logos. His objective is to give small business an understanding how logos contribute to the bottom line when they are credible. The flip side, of course, is that a company logo can actually be a distraction when customers cannot trust a company when it does not look credible.

    Here is what you do:

    1. Send Bill a full description of your company business. Just ramble as if you are describing it to someone who knows nothing about it.
    2. Include why your business is unique. What do you do that your competitors do not do?
    3. Send your logo.

    Bill’s email address for this special no cost offer is

    Go ahead, send in your logo!

    Best wishes,

    and the WebProWorld Team
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    I have to agree with some of the other posts. Some things are more important, others less so. Your image however is everything. It is what people see, look and relate to you long after the meeting is over, long after the product has been ordered.

    We are a very small shop. Our original logo was a carry over from our Transportation Contracting business. Responses were luke warm. Since we had basically started a new company we decided to create a new look for it. I can’t say that it has sold any of the jobs we get, but I can say we get lots of compliments on our business cards and our website (you know, they match). Very often when placing a follow up call on a lead people tell me “oh yeah, I remember you, I’ve got your card right here”. And when I visit on site, I really see my card taped to the monitor or at the front of their Rolodex.

    Two years later, we’ll be at a luncheon, chatting with people we don’t know, they ask “who are you with”? We’ll say “DCVI Studios”. And much to my surprise we get a lot of “oh yeah, I’ve heard of you”. And so the ice is broken and another deal begins.

    I didn’t say all of this to say, “Hey look we are great”. It is meant as “Hey people, pay attention, this really is important, and as far as we are concerned it really works”. We believe it has a made a world of difference for our business.

    Oh yeah Thanx WPW! What a great place to learn and share.
    Every journey begins with the fisrt step.

    We're not just building websites…
    We're building relationships!

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    Does Your Logo Really Work on Your Website?

    I am convinced that logo gives one the first impression of your business and your product/service line.

    It is very honorable of Bill to offer his service free of charge.

    Thank you, Bill.

    The Russian Store

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