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Thread: Does Your Logo Really Work on Your Website?

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    Does Your Logo Really Work on Your Website?

    As we all know, making sales on your Web site involves a lot of factors. Ever consider your logo as part of the success (or not) of your Web site?

    Our logo expert, Bill Haig, has done some interesting research on this and has determined that your logo must be credible to be effective.

    Last year we asked Bill to give our readers a no cost logo evaluation on his Credibility Scale. He received over 400 requests!

    This year Bill is offering the same no cost evaluation again. This is a good opportunity to receive an expert opinion, good or bad, about your logo.

    Bill provides a three page evaluation, including background as to why Credibility Based Logo Design works. He gives examples of credible logos. His objective is to give small business an understanding how logos contribute to the bottom line when they are credible. The flip side, of course, is that a company logo can actually be a distraction when customers cannot trust a company when it does not look credible.

    Here is what you do:

    1. Send Bill a full description of your company business. Just ramble as if you are describing it to someone who knows nothing about it.
    2. Include why your business is unique. What do you do that your competitors do not do?
    3. Send your logo.

    Billís email address for this special no cost offer is

    Go ahead, send in your logo!

    Best wishes,

    and the WebProWorld Team

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    Wow What a Blessing

    That is really awesome that Bill Haig would do that for others free of charge for professional services when he could charge for them.
    Thanks Bill. People like you are hard to find. I hope you succeed in everything you do.

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    Does Your Logo Really Work on Your Website?

    It is so generous of Bill to offer his time and expertise to WPW members. It is most appreciated.
    I absolutely concur in regards to the importance your logo plays as a factor in determining your success. Truly, I had no idea that there were experts in this particular niche field - it is so sorely needed. Thanks again Bill!
    Glynn Gallagher aka "RED"
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    Thanx Brittany for such a wonderful and useful information.

    Also Thanx A Lot BILL for your expert advice and comments.

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    Just sent mine in for review...

    Thanks Bill Haig for this opportunity and your time involved!


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    It is very nice of Bill Haig to offer his time free of charge. I am interested to see what a logo expert thinks of our logo.
    Rob Francis
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    Bill is very gifted. He realizes not only the importance of a well designed logo, but also how to deliver a powerful message in a small package. If I was ever to have someone design a logo for me, I would go to Bill.

    Currently, I'm still not focused on the image I want to send and may change my business' name, too. So, I have nothing to send Bill, otherwise I would take advantage of his offer.
    DrTandem's San Diego Web Page Design,

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    Logos; a waste of money ?

    Sorry to be the grumpy old man trying to spoil the party but I just do not believe we would make even one more sale by having a fancy logo. Even as a teenager I was amazed at how much time a friend's father was spending drawing his logo. I have seen the same thing many times over the years.

    Why not spend the time (=money) on something that might increase sales.
    Peter Burton
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    Re: Logos; a waste of money ?

    Quote Originally Posted by pburton
    Sorry to be the grumpy old man trying to spoil the party but I just do not believe we would make even one more sale by having a fancy logo.
    in fact, your logo is the second most important (after you URL) part of your business image. the internet allows almost perfect competition as the barriers to enter the market are extremely low. you need to be recognized and recognized, not only by your customers, but also by your business partners. in fact, strong recognition of your name often allows you to get better cooperation conditions than without it. apart from that, good logo makes people think of you in a better way.
    anyway, that is only your choice to ask Bill for help or not.
    I would like to thank Bill a lot for that opportunity and am going to submit my stuff today.

    thanks again Bill! let all your things go in the right direction!
    polish suicide flew 48 successful missions

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    I think you need to look around. Companies spend a small fortune for their logos. Why? Recognition. If I showed you some images, you would immediately associate them with the companies they represent. Not only that, but you would also have an instant impression of that brand.

    Would you make one more new sale with a logo? I can't say. I will say that if a customer/client likes your product, they will associate that with your logo. They see the logo again and they will most likely buy from you again because they are familiar with your company. Much easier for the human mind to recognize an unique image rather than only a name.
    DrTandem's San Diego Web Page Design,

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