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Thread: TIP: Before you submit a site for review do this...

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    Could I suggest that before submitting any sites for review people should also check each page of their site on - I realise it may be a little time consuming with large sites, but it will quickly pick up whether the 'inspiration' you get from other sites has crossed the line in to 'plagiarism'.
    It would be more sensible to take the time to find out for yourself than risk an irate webmaster asking Google and Yahoo to delist you for copyright violation.

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    tweaking your site

    Bootboy great advise and tips for me as a newbie. I have tweaked my site in for keywords, and think it is as far as I can get it? It scores high on first 10 pages. The site validator I honestly dont fully understand as I do not understand all the code.I put site up for review a few weeks back and would welcome more input from all the knowledgeble people who post here.Anyone that could scan my site for problems and give me some tips would be a god send right now .And I may even offer a pure bred puppy of choice from my site if someone can really help me learn a little more :) Keep up the great postings you guys really do help alot of us.:)

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    getting 302 error

    hello, i want to submit my site for review but per the rules i want to make sure that it passess all the checks when trying to validate the site at and i get 302 error and on other sites i am not able to check its status. My site was listed in google but its not there any more. Its 1.5 year old but i have recently moved my site to a dedicated server. can you please let me know whats wrong so that i can validated it through and then submit it for review.

    My site is

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    Not rules!

    Hey irfan12jan they're not rules, I'm only a visitor here! They're just useful links to help you clean-up basic errors before submitting for review. Please post a request for review regardless and I for one will take a look at it.
    Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. Aristotle (384-322 BC)

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    line numbers do not corrolate with my page.

    Hi There
    I was going to submit my site for review and came across the sites for validation and thought I would run and amend my home page with the validation sites suggestions. Apart from not quite understanding some of the problems to fix them, the line number given does not correlate to my site i.e in DW for me to change my problems?

    Also does cache your site, I had 81 problems so I added alt tags to about 35 small arrow images, re-submitted and I still get 81 problems??

    Thanks for reading


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    Quote Originally Posted by mknight0
    does cache your site, I had 81 problems so I added alt tags to about 35 small arrow images, re-submitted and I still get 81 problems?
    Hi Ian,

    I could only see 69 problems when I tried to validate your homepage (maybe you've just fixed some?). As far as I'm aware, the validator doesn't cache your site.. if you click on "Re-validate" after making changes to your site, the results should reflect your changes.
    One or two things I noticed, if you replace the ampersand character (&) with a & that will reduce your error count. Also, in your CSS and HTML, using a class for your "left-right" rather than an id will also help significantly. id is used to control a single occurrence of an element, whereas class can be used throughout your pages.

    Hope that helps,


    PS. the line numbers would correlate if you were using a text editor to edit your pages. Maybe DW is not counting lines held in a non-editable template area?

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    Thanks Paul

    Not sure why I kept getting the same results. I'm home now (phew my day is done!! I wish) and I have the same results as you now.

    I'll crack on with the rest once I understand them all. haha

    Thank you

    Ian Hill

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    Thanks for the Tweak Links!

    Thanks for listing those 'Tweak' Links. They were very helpful...

    Have a Great Day,
    Kristian Pulz
    I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it.
    - Jonathan Winters

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    WOW! I just love this whole site! Where were you guys all my life! Such wonderful links and posts! Such wonderful helpful tools! I'm really enjoying my experience with you guys! WOW! Anyone can be a SUPER SEOzer here! You guys ROCK!

    Thanks for this site! What a resource!


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    Excellent Post, thanks for the extra tips

    The extra sites will help me improve the site, thank for that.

    I also use the following :

    Echo Echo Web Tools

    Very usefull.
    Nothing is impossible, it just takes time sometimes!

    Dave Nash
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