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Thread: Time to Find an IE Alternative?

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    What Browser?

    Firefox does not come with all the bells and whistles installed. You need to add the plug-ins you want, regardless of what you had/have working on IE.
    I know that but that enables customisation. What we as individuals have to realise is that the majority of people are basically computer illiterate and they want whats most available and easiest to use.

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    Firefox Problem

    Thanks Dr. T but that's not my problem. I don't want Firefox to run at all when you click one of the links. The demo isn't running in a browser; it's stand-alone. Media Player should run, not Firefox. I disassociated the file types under Firefox Options, but it still happens. Suggestions?


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    Clambam, Which browser is the default?
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    I've set Firefox as the default. I suspect resetting to IE will solve my problem, but as I said, I prefer this browser.


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    The plug-in is associated with the browser. Which ever browser you have set as the default will determine which plug-in is activated.

    If you are sending these CDs out to prospective clients, it is possible that they are missing a plug-in that is required. Flash is fairly common, so it most likely won't be much of a problem.
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