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Thread: Quick Website Building?

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    Quick Website Building?

    What is the best way to design a website for an affiliate program?

    Use data feeds ( which I have no idea about ) or just get content and banners from the program site and make product links?

    Would this be SEO friendly? Or is the point to get your site up and out there using PPC?

    Some ideas please.

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    Building a good spider food site and knowing how to generate traffic is key, unless you have the buget for PPC. Even if you do PPC you need to build a site that will convert visitors to buyers, with good content and pre-sell. Many of my clients have tools that help you build a full page full of products without needing to do any datafeed programming.

    Here one you can see it and play with:
    Irv's Luggage Product Showcase Creator

    Many merchants have page builders like this that make it easy. (FYI, Irvs is on CJ)
    Linda Buquet :: Google Places Optimization Specialist :: Catalyst eMarketing
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