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Thread: My sitet!

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    My sitet!

    Hey members I have just completed development of my site just visit my site here:

    cellublue . com and please give the reviews.
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    Wow! very nice design, the slideshow makes the homepage come alive, just a pity i cant read the language. Great work overall

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    I like the site very much. Good concept. Initially I didn't like the fact that I had to scroll so much to get to content. Later found out that I can click on menu to get to content which made it easier. Not sure if many visitors will wait that long to figure it out.

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    Looks great! I like the way how the header disappears when I scrolled down to see the contents below, and see it again (in different form). Though I find the layout quite big in front of my eyes.

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    hi could you make this multilingual, id gladly come back and take a look, it looks so far like a fresh and responsive html5 template that you have placed content in correctly.

    i can say one thing though, the shop referral site, theres no need for the zoom feature in the image plugin, whatsoever, all seems functional, id like to see some more similarities in design from the main website, to the

    maybe need some kind of return link to the splash main website from the shop website

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    I like it too. It looks like it is a landing page with a web store enabled, but not sure, I don't know French. Anyway, your site a great place to stay and read.

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