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Thread: Domain Reselling - how does it work

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    Domain Reselling - how does it work

    I'm a bit confused. Here is my situation. I recently bought a reseller hosting account to host a bunch of my sites on. I have about 5-10 people/customers that are interested in me hosting their site. So I guess, in effect, I'm starting up a small hosting company that could grow in the future.

    I'd like to offer domain names to customers as well but i'm a little confused how this works. Should I just re-direct customers to another domain company and get a percentage for the affiliate sale? Or should I actually sell the domains? How do the domain name reseller programs work?

    Thanks for any help you can give!

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    Domain Reselling - how does it work

    Check out I have been a resell customer for 1+ years. Starts at $99 per year. Easy to use. Everything is automated but you can get human support. I especially like the free parking and forwarding. I have about 100 names registered with them.

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    Agreed. We are a WWD reseller and although the profit margins are quite small, they do allow you to set the domain pricing quite low (which we do) which can really make you attractive for your customers.

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    For domain selling i have visited site has best offers,plans etc.,You can try from here.

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