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Thread: App store optimization

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    App store optimization

    Hi WPW,

    My question is about App Store Optimization (ASO). Are there any guidelines or tools available for the same?

    (I am not sure whether the category is right to start my thread. Moderators if my category is not correct than please move it to relevant category.)
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    Hey Rudradhar,

    Here is a decent guideline regarding app store optimization: slideshare [DOT] net/kolinko/app-store-seo-tutorial

    The following are great app store SEO tools:
    AppCodes - appcod [DOT] es
    AppStoreRankings - appstorerankings [DOT] net

    There is also a great comprehensive guide on App Store SEO in Issue 4 of MAKE APP Magazine (iPad only) - makeappmag [DOT] com/go

    Happy to answer any further questions you have. Anything specific you want to know?

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    The number of apps being introduced for smartphone users is on the rise. In order to promote an app effectively, App Store Optimisation has become an important means. Basically speaking, App Store Optimisation is the name given to the practice of making an app easily available in app searches.

    There are certain elements of a properly optimised app:

    1) Find out the right and highly popular keyword for your app and target it.

    2) Put in the relevant and most popular keywords in the title of your app.

    3) Put the name of the publisher in such a manner that it is easily visible to a potential buyer of the app.

    4) Describe the app precisely and make it in such a manner that it engages the users to a conversasion.

    5) Do not forget to put in screenshots of your app, as this is a wonderful way to attract buyers.

    Hope my suggestions will be useful to you.
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