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Thread: Please review our Seo website

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    Please review our Seo website

    We are an Seo company and recently changed our website. You can find it here

    I would like to know your impressions in terms of user experience and the way we present our seo services. We recently introduced some new seo services about social media seo. Do you think these are visible enough ?

    Thank you all

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    The image fader on your home page changes so rapidly that the average person can only read half of what it says. Slow it down.

    There is a great deal of overlap in your first three services: "SEO Services", "Search Engine Optimization" and "Social media SEO". Aren't the first two the same?

    Where do you explain what you actually do? All I see is generalized text explaining, for example, what SEO is supposed to mean.

    Your pricing page has a lot of text on it, but no prices. I am NOT going to call you unless I think your prices are in the ballpark for me. You shouldn't hide this information. If you have prices for "packages", then state the prices.

    I was REALLY surprised to see how bad your page titles were. Examples:

    choose seo company Seo LA - Seo Company 21 (says nothing)
    Los Angeles Seo - Seo Company 21 - Seo Services Los Angeles (nothing but keyword spam)
    google Seo LA - Seo Company 21

    Do you actually believe that putting "Seo Company 21" in every page title is a good idea? How does that explain the page? How do ANY of your page titles explain the page they are on?

    Your meta descriptions were worse. Example: "Los Angeles Seo Company" Is that supposed to be a description of the page? Why is it repeated on 7 pages? How about "Los Angeles Seo Company 21" which is repeated on 9 different pages? Your titles and meta descriptions are nothing but keyword spam. I am surprised that an "SEO Company" doesn't know this.
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    Thanks for reviewing. What do you think about this page ?

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    Interesting that you are an LA/NY Seo company but posting from Romania. That would explain all the misspelled words.

    BTW, update your location to where you really are instead of Los Angeles.
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    The page looks good, except for the spelling errors.

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    Hi there Steve. I am taking care of the web design of this website. If I am in Romania it is because I lived here , but I work and live in LA for 3 years now. Maybe it would've been smarter to wait till i get back and post from there , or use a proxy ?

    About the Titles problem , I will try to fix that , I am not an expert in On-Page optimization , and we did not focus on Seo for this website just yet. We will though and all your comments are very usefull.

    I was intrested also in remaks about the user experience and usability of the website , and if you like the way it presents our services.

    Thank you guys !

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    I would very much suggest having someone rewrite your copy. The site doesn't look bad, but I would suggest going into more detail about what you do and why your services are valuable.
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    As soon as I looked at your homepage, my FF browser blocked two pop-ups, if you can turn them off. About the title, it's not that bad, maybe delete one of the SEO terms as repeating the keywords does not necessarily help them gain better attention.

    One point about your logo image, your whole website has been focused on LA SEO but your logo has message about New York. Of course it's logical that your business has branches in various cities but the concept seems a little bit confusing at first glance.

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