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Thread: Opera Unite and Link a minimalistic alternative to the cloud

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    Lightbulb Opera Unite and Link a minimalistic alternative to the cloud

    Some of you may not be aware of Opera Unite

    Introduction to Opera Unite

    Opera Unite is a collaborative technology that allows you to share, connect and collaborate directly between computers across the Web, without going through a central, third-party server.
    How Opera Unite is different to traditional data sharing

    With more traditional content sharing, you have to upload the content you want to share, and this is then stored on a central, third-party server, out of your control. Your friends access this stored content from the third-party server.

    With Opera Unite, your friends view the content that is sitting on your computer.

    You should also be aware of a related service - Opera Link

    What is Opera Link?
    Once you enable Opera Link, you can easily access your bookmarks and Speed Dial from your phone, tablet or another computer.

    Simple and automatic

    Log in to Opera Link and your data is always synchronized until you log out. You can also choose what you'd like to synchronize.

    Your data is kept safe and secure

    Data is sent securely to Opera's servers, and can only be accessed by you. The Opera browser will also help ensure that you have a strong password
    Guide to using Opera Link
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    Hidden Content
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    Quote Originally Posted by kgun View Post
    Some of you may not be aware of Opera Unite

    This is not intended for the novice, it is turned off by default.

    "Discontinuing Opera Unite, Opera Widgets and Voice
    With this release, Opera Unite and Opera Widgets are removed by default for new users. We encourage all developers to move their solutions to the extensions platform. Support for the legacy X+V standard and the UI voice commands has also been removed, as the voice-detection library is no longer supported by the third-party vendor."

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