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Thread: buyer asked to pay monthly for a website, advice?

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    buyer asked to pay monthly for a website, advice?

    I'm new to the forum, Hello!

    I have a website for sale, the buyer (a seo guy) has asked me if I will consider letting him pay monthly for the website, using escrow, paying in a certain amount per month until the amount is paid, then I release the site, in his words...

    "...Money will be paid into an account on a monthly basis, once the amount you require has been hit and a Transfer purchase has been signed the money will be released to you and the website to me."

    The other thing is he wants access to the site to start a SEO campaign and has apparently done this before.

    Sounds okay to me, Admin access won't allow him to the source files, other than the fact that I could do with selling and cashing in now, not in x months, is there any risk involved on either part? Do we need a contract or something?


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    Whole scheme sounds fishy to me.

    a) You probably wouldn't be selling this unless you needed the money. (which you already stated in your opening post)
    b) Why would the buyer even make an offer if they don't have the money to finance the venture.
    c) What if they ruin your site's current standing and default on the arrangement. Then you are going to get stuck selling it for less.

    "No ticky No laundry" - I'd run from that offer.
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