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Thread: Japanese tea shop, comments and tips are really welcome

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    Japanese tea shop, comments and tips are really welcome


    While searching about site promotion basics stumbled upon this forum. Hope someone can direct me further I'm finally satisfied with looks of my page and now trying to figure out how to promote it. I'm on tight budget and looking for most effective way to spend my promoting budget.

    Is anything wrong with my site or something i missed, that could improve visibility of my page on internet?

    If you had limited budget for promoting your page, where would you start first? Banners, google adwords, buying links or something else?


    I will be changing photos of teas soon and retake others for a bit better detail.

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    or “Hakoniwado” can be translated as a miniature garden ................

    This is confusing. Looks like you forgot to write something. The website is in my opinion well designed, colours are superb for tea site. You have lots of interesting information there. Should have no difficulties to be picked up by search engines. The only thing I am objecting is the naming of your images. Use real names, not numbers.
    Interestingly enough you have Alt tag on your images. You might consider to include phone number in your contacts.
    Origami page is not found.
    Tea & radiation image missing and I believe this is a typo:
    completely not affect and no ........... should it be affected?
    Shopping cart: at Checkout following warning appears -
    It may not be safe to exchange information with this site
    The security (or SSL) certificate for this website indicates that the organization operating it may not have undergone trusted third-party validation that it is a legitimate business. Although the information passed between you and this website will be encrypted, you have no assurance of who you are actually exchanging information with, and many websites connected to cyber-crimes use this type of security certificate. Prior to exchanging sensitive information including login/password, personal identity information, or financial details such as credit card numbers with any website that generates this warning, you should find some alternative method of validating this business or consider abandoning the transaction.
    Don't show this warning again
    Not encouraging for your potential clients to proceed.

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    Thanks for detailed information. Took me a while to get there, started with really little php and css knowledge. But now i could design simple template for opensource ecommerce software.

    Fixed typos, origami page and image links. Recently i moved my ecommerce installation to main directory, since i finally could integrate information pages to shopping cart system. Missed some broken image links, since they were cashed in my browser.

    With SSL probably will take me some time to figure out best way. I saw that it can cost quite a bit, currently i'm using free certificate from At least i can mention on main page about security. I'm using only Paypal and it sure has really good security and customer protection to boot.

    Any tips about paid promoting, which way is most cost effective?

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    To alphaomega,

    Seems i still can't even answer pm's, need 10 posts. If you'd like to know, just send your mail. Wrote an answer just to realize there is a limit

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    Hello xellz,

    At the russian page you have some mistakes. As a native Russian speaker I can provide you with some corrections:

    Если однажды Вы были разочарованы во вкусе зеленого чая, купленного в местном магазине, пожалуйста, подумайте над тем, чтобы попробовать ещё раз. Вкус зеленого чая сильно зависит от большого количества переменных, таких как: способ заваривания, сезон, в котором чай был собран, метод обработки, хранения и упаковки, возраст чая и т.д.. Качественный Японский чай по-прежнему редко встречается за пределами Японии, и поэтому легко получить неполное или негативное впечатление.

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