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Thread: Facebook and Yahoo accounts accessed from foreign country

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    Facebook and Yahoo accounts accessed from foreign country

    A few days ago I received a message from Facebook that my account had been accessed from another country. In the Facebook security area I found out the access was from Chile. Yesterday I received the same kind of message from Yahoo. Not sure how anyone could have obtained my password, but now they also have my DOB. I have changed the passwords to all of my other personal accounts and placed a 90-day hold on my credit information with the credit agencies, but not sure what else to do to stop further intrusions.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Any thoughts on further steps I can take.

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    I would just wait and see if there are more accesses. They didn't get that much info it sounds like. If they keep getting access after repeated password changes, that means they have hacked you pretty well and have set themselves up as an administrator or something. But I bet you'll never see them again.

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    Just to be on the safe side, I'd run an ONLINE trojan/antivirus scan on all devices you use to access the internet. Don't trust your own antivirus or antimalware since it's possible it's compromised. The online scanner at emsisoft is a good one, though you have to use IE with it.
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    I wouldn't assume they are actually from a foreign country. It is more likely that it's someone that knows you and is trying to spy on you. They probably used a keylogger to steal your passwords. How you ask? Well, you can spoof a country by using software such as HideMyAss or something similar. The software lets you disguise your IP address and make it appear you are coming from somewhere else. Your "friend" is simply computer savvy. Or you could be right and it's just someone foreign.
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    Yeah my Twitter account and Facebook were once hacked (not at the same time). Changed the password and it never happened again. Most of the time it's just an automated tool that gets in then sends out spam from your account. From what I've seen they never change your password so you can't get access, you just change it and they're blocked again.

    I'd check your PC for spyware and any keystroke logging software though.

    I'd make sure that your email account that you use to recover password etc. to has a very different and very secure password, though. Try not to use the same pw for everything, obviously!

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    I would download the free version of malwarebytes and run this program. It will pick up any compromises or hack on your computer and also looks for keylogger software. This program is pretty good and has helped me immensely
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    I got the same error message from Google for my Gmail, I changed the password & everything was fine but when it happened with my facebook, I loose my facebook account as my account was into roadblock or something.

    I couldn't recover it and I loose it. Does anyone face same similar to what happened to me on facebook?

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    It happened to me with Gmail and Facebook. On Facebook you can set a security thing so your account will be accessible only from your pc.

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    This sometimes happens to me. Usually because of IP changing softwares and VPNs.

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    got the same error message from gmail and facebook ... but its a face if u log in from other location or different IP then they do send these sort of notices. i always ignore them.

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