I currently have a copper landline telephone, not even fios, that I am seriously considering replacing with MagicJack Plus. The major thing holding me back is that I do a lot of banking by touch tone telephone (checking balances, transfers, etc.). If I do this on a MagicJack Plus line, I am worried about the ease at which my call may be hacked / tapped, and someone being able to get my account information that way. I even shy away from doing this on my cellphone for the same reason.

Would I be more at risk, less at risk, or about the same risk for my line being hacked / tapped and someone getting my tones using a MagicJack Plus versus a copper landline? Do I have a valid concern, even a small one? Or am I just being paraniod?

Do any of you work in network security and / or have an opinion on this one?