We are developing an open student network for our university. Essentially, It'll be a wiki with many more functionalities, e.g. forums, hierarchy in user roles, university map, opinions on courses etc. We are considering three options:
  • MediaWiki (or any other wiki CMS),
  • Full featured CMSes (Drupal, Joomla),
  • Python based (Django based, Plone) .

Kindly give your suggestions what we should go for. Our prime requirements:
  • It should have wiki like features (or should be extensible to such) e.g. versioning, easy linking etc.
  • It should be extensible for having forums
  • A flexible permission/role management
  • If possible, it should be extensible to whatever needs may arise in future. [In this regard, I've heard Django would be better since it keeps a cleaner code which is easy to handle.]

Kindly compare the three options: Wiki CMS, Drupal, Python based.