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Thread: Server Issues Anyone have Ideas?

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    the server ran Linux
    Great, that means there'll be easily accessible log files. Assuming your site is backed up, going through the backups and extracting the /var/log directory would give you a great place to start some forensics. If you are not technical, find someone who knows Linux and ask them to take a look. You mentioned 'ftp'? That's where I'd start
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    Thanks for the advice, but I have to agree the same was going on, i.e fishy to me too. I had the dedicated server through my web design company and I never talked to the hosting company, the one hosting one of my domains. I think they said some of the crap to boot the domain out and I have another hosting company now, all infected files are removed, ftp uploads are always secure, software protection is now installed, and I will see what happens from here.
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    is there a comon file name involved ? in other words is the file thats sending out all the crap the same across the server accounts? If it is use SSH to find the file and auto delete the file. You can use putty to search for the file and auto delete it. Google for SSH file and delete a file.

    I was using OsCommerce for a few sites and the security issues cause them all to be hacked pretty much on the same day - this was bad for me as I had to find all the crap and them bin all the sites and give clients FREE new sites. You need to secure the sites up with htaccess access passwds - this will stop the majority of hacks (or has for me anyway)

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    Barry - this thread has not had a response in over a year. For any thread that is over two months old (see red text at the bottom of the thread), it is recommended to start a new thread, if desired.
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