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Thread: Please review my website design, It is related to Canada Immigration Services.

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    Please review my website design, It is related to Canada Immigration Services.


    I have designed website, It is related to Canada Immigration. Please check its design and give reviews.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Wow! I'm very impressed with the design. The website looks great and is probably one of the better ones someone has ever submitted on this site. However, in terms of organization there are a few things that could be better. My suggestions:

    -The menu bar could be retooled. First off, I'd make "News" the second item in the list and move everything else back one. Second, on the home page particularly the menu should maybe go on top of the slideshow.
    -The slideshow at the top of the page could use some other items. Three of them are for social media. Take the social media items out and put other items like the first one in. Move your social media links to one of the sides next to the main text, on the bottom of the page or maybe on the top of the page as small icons.
    -Do you plan on having a lot of news articles on your page? If so, consider putting a teaser to the latest article (with a "Read More" link that goes to the full story) on your front page, and teasers to all the articles on the News page. You also might consider presenting all your news in a blog-style format.
    -On the "Contact Us" page, consider adding a form for people to contact you as well as all the other information you have.
    -On your links page, add some links to the cities of Canada and some of Canada's culture.
    -Despite all the information on your website, something I don't see is why I should immigrate to Canada particularly. Add in a "Why Come to Canada?" page where you tell of all Canada has to offer.

    Once again, this is a spectacularly designed website and that aspect shouldn't change. However, with a few tweaks with navigation, information presentation and logistics you can take this website up one more notch.

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    Yes, I am going to redesign it. and follow your guidance. thanks for your reviews.

    Please review my another websites. I would like to listen your reviews.
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    The site has a great design and color scheme. One thing that I noticed, however, is that after you navigate away from the index page, the favicon.ico thumbnail image seems to disappear. You may have just forgotten to add the line of code to all of your other pages, but I would make sure that they all have that image. Another thing that I would suggest is that for the drop-down menus, I would make the whole box clickable instead of just the word itself. Although it is just a small detail, it can greatly add to user experience. Great work so far, and I hope that this post is helpful!

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    Your site is nice and looks professional, well done. However, on the home page, I felt your navigation bar should be above the banner image so as to be easily located (just as it is on other pages).

    Secondly I would have prefered you used your header/scrolling image to highlight your more important products/services rather than 'wasting' it to highlight your twitter and facebook profiles. Hope this helps?

    Wish you the best.

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    Your site looks very professional, however, I don't like the mix of fonts and colors, and the red bar at the top is a bit harsh on the eyes.

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