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Thread: How do I make a facebook page interesting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike-H View Post
    Perhaps you need to consider what you are trying to achieve.
    Having a goal in mind may help you find some of that enthusiasm you're missing.

    Quote Originally Posted by StanDaMan View Post
    ...If you aren't planning to update it regularly, you probably should skip it.
    You can end up doing more damage than good if you create a FB page and just let it languish; people will likely wonder whether you're even still in business.

    That doesn't mean you have to quit your job to dedicate yourself to FB or any other social media channel.

    But think about:
    1. set a goal; I want to gain X followers by Y date
    2. pick a strategy; i.e. I want to share industry news and establish myself as someone who is current with my industries trends
    3. set up tools to gather relevant info to share; sign up for newsletters, blogs, etc.
    4. set a schedule; I will share one article each day

    This will get you started without driving yourself crazy.

    And don't be afraid to be "real"; add your own comments to the articles and news your sharing. Let your fans know that there is a real person at the keyboard!
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    The first you need to understand is that FACEBOOK is not a wonder land.

    It is your ability to tell a story, an interesting one, one that anyone who hears will kind of WOW I LOVE THIS, one that who hears it will like to identify with.

    It is telling this kind of story that you will be able to keep you page exciting

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    You need to find interesting content about the niche. Find videos that you think will be useful to people that could be fans, how-to videos, creative videos, post up interesting new news before anyone else does. Promote you fanpage, advertise your page on facebook

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonoweb View Post
    I really have no enthusiasm for using facebook to promote my business (sounds bad i know). For this reason I can't seem to come up with anything. What kinds of thing can I do?

    I guess my main goals are:

    a) get fans / likes in the first place
    b) keep fans interested in / sharing my page
    c) post regular content - but what?
    So why are you doing it if you don't have a good feeling? Usually it doesn't come to much when you got a good feeling ... but with a bed one. I also say that is better to do nothing then doing something ... just to do it.
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    I think If you fail to tap into the power of Facebook marketing, you’ll potentially be leaving tons of money on the table! try to learn more about Facebook Marketing methods before you stick with it

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    Does any of you use softwares to gain facebook friends? or likes? Would that be okay?

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    To make your fan page interesting, you should provide your fans the information/content you think they may find informative and useful. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your fans. Every time you update your page, ask yourself, Is my post useful to my fans?..Will they like or leave comments on my updates?.. In updating your fan page, you can provide articles, news, videos, images or anything that is related to your niche (not just links coming from your site, but also from other sites that provide valuable content). In this way, they will be attracted to like your page and also engage in your page.
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    I think that it helps if you can get real users to start using a Facebook page and start engaging with you/each other.

    Not many people like pages that are empty or made up of obviously fake posts.

    You could try encouraging customers you get offline to use it to keep in touch to try and achieve this.
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    Let's just take a step back. If you are not enthusiastic about making a Facebook page for your company I suggest you get someone else to do it for you. You could hire someone to create, update and manage it. Or, maybe one of your employees/coworkers could manage it. If you have someone on staff who is in charge of advertising/publications this is one of the things he/she could do. It doesn't necessarily have to be you that manages your company's Facebook account.

    Really, it's not that painful to maintain a Facebook page, for a business or otherwise. Whenever something notable is going on with your company (you have a new product you'd like to debut, you're running a promotion, you're moving, etc.) all you have to do is write maybe 2-3 sentences about it. Your customers can also help you drive content. If they "write on your wall" about something regarding your company or industry all you have to do is respond and that's another way to add content and keep your account active. You don't have to spend any more than 10 minutes a day on Facebook.

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    To make an interesting Facebook page you have to engage your Fans with quality data which should be explicit. Avoid redundancy, people won't like to see your posts if they don't find them unique and interesting. Another great thing to have is regular POLLS to engage the fans. Always keep them busy with different stuff.
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