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    Hi all,

    I am new to the forum. I am a photographer and need to enhance my website I have been selected to do photography for the sprint cars this year. I need to put up hundreds of photos, usually using Lightroom to create galleries. I have been struggling to get a drop down menu to select the gallery and display it in a separate place usually a named <div>.

    Any help, ideas would be helpful.



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    Welcome to the Forum.

    Try reading posts in this forum: Graphics & Design Discussion Forum . You might find the answer you are looking for or you can ask the question if the posts you checked out do not help with your particular issue.
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    Hey there Winslowt! Since LD gave you a good link...all that is left for me is to..welcome you to the forum!

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    Will do tnx

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    Hi to all my great friends.

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