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Thread: Which social media management tool is best ?

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    Which social media management tool is best ?

    Hi dear forum fellows

    I want to use a social media management tool for managing all my social media efforts. Which one is best for this?
    Need your suggestions.
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    I think Facebook is the best. Please don't forget the Tweeter & Linkedin.

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    I believe facebook and Linkedin are the best social media network. both working very good atleast for me.

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    Google plus.

    Don't forget about it.

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    Not one of you actually read, or answered, the OPs question. He didn't ask which social site was best, but what management tool was best.

    The answer to that is, there isn't one that I'm aware of that can handle all of the social sites well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shahzaib View Post
    Hi dear forum fellows

    I want to use a social media management tool for managing all my social media efforts. Which one is best for this?
    Need your suggestions.
    No specific tool is present currently for managing social media. You've to make your own strategies for promoting your site on social sites which have to a genuine profile and don't look like a spam or boot.

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    There are many tools available which help you to keep track of multiple social accounts. Here I have mention site address which help you to know more about Social media management tools and its importance.,

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    You can try OnlyWire and set your social media accounts info there, a one time job, and then there are a few steps to follow each time you want to publish contents on many popular social media sites and in one go.

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    I'm not using any social media management tool that can manage all social media efforts. What I just use is a separate tool for each social media site. Like for example, for Facebook, I use Facebook Insights to track the growth of our brand's fan page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GooglePluser View Post
    I think you should not choose one of them, you'd better to use all possible social media. Each of them have different value. But the reality is that Google now takes attention to social signals, the more social site you have, with google +1s, FB likes, tweets, the more valuable you are in the eyes of Google.
    Again, you guys are not reading the OP ... the question is what tool can be best used to manage your social networking, not which social network is best.
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