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Thread: Joomla - virtuemart - how do i make all products display the same?

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    Joomla - virtuemart - how do i make all products display the same?

    Hello all,

    I have a website with a lot of categories, about 1000. About 800 of them get imported by the database. How do i make all these categories show my products in the same way?

    Show products a row 2
    Category Browse Page: browse_3
    Category Flypage: flypage_lite_pdf

    Is there a way that i can make the default this and it will override all the other settings in the categories?
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    I hate to do this to the OP, but the topic is readily searchable with its own forum, to boot. One would expect a lot more detailed answers there.

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    I know about the virtuemart forum, the only problem there is that if you want an anwser you have to be really patient because it can take weeks. Not to many people there.

    Any way i found a way to do it. Normaly you can just go to the categories and it is done. Because mine where updates by somebody by csvi file that did not work. So at the end i renamed the flypage to the one i wanted and it was done.

    Thx for your time

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    Thanks for taking the time to let us know that you have solved it.
    I'd like to add that changing the flypage for a Category changes how NEW products in that Category appear. You need to change existing products if you want them to appear the same. This is a feature of VM (not a bug!).

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