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Thread: Need some help understanding Negative keywords..

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    Need some help understanding Negative keywords..


    I am new in google adwords and i have some questions about negative keywords what i am not sure about if i understand it correctly.

    1) When i add a negative keyword at campaign level do i have to do something else then save it to make sure it falls under all the categories in that campaign.

    2) this question is more tricky for me so ill try to explain it....I sell remote controls but only for tv's,dvd players etc..I am not selling remote controls for garagage doors, cars etc...What i did is put a negative keyword list for all the car brands and put the match type on "broad". Does this make sure that at all my adds it wont show any search querries with these brands?

    Hope i explained it good and somebody can tell me about this. If not thanks for reading and trying.


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    1) No, they're campaign-wide.

    2) Yes. If you have put the car brand name it means your ads won't show for any search query featuring that keyword anywhere (unless it is types without a sapce e.g. "mazdamx5 remote" could still show. You might also want to include popular misspellings.

    In case you've never seen it, the Search terms report is extremely useful for covering off negatives causing wastage. It's quite hidden away in the AdWords interface despite how valuable it is.

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    Ok thank you needed that cleared up..

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