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Thread: Please review my new Job Board website

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    Please review my new Job Board website

    Hello, please let me know what you think about our new job board - What did you like most about this website? What did you like least about this website? What can we do to improve it? All comment/criticisms are highly appreciated. Thanks

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    I would not use grey for the links or tabs they look bland and you will need people to click on those links, blue might work better. Apart from that,it looks ok to start off with, it just needs populating with vacancies.

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    One of the best site I have seen in a while, well done!
    I love the theme colours (but may need 1 other contrasting colour) and the navigation.

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    Hi Lynn32, thanks a lot for the feedback. Any suggestions on the right contrasting colour to use?
    Thanks again guys for all the reviews. All comments/criticisms are welcome and highly appreciated.

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    It's about user user feedback over time after you choose that colour. I suggest looking at colorschemedesigner[dot]com to find complimentary colours.
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