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Thread: Please review my Website for design and concept.

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    Smile Please review my Website for design and concept.

    I have build this website with a concept of Online Feed Reader. Someone please help me find a good title concept for online feed reader for trending topics. It would be of good help.
    www . fromfeed . com

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    The site is fine, is graphically pretty, but the font seems too small ... seniors will be able to read it?
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    I like the site...its it simple t read and not to much bullshit..

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    It's probably not going to make you a millionaire, but parsing feeds is a start...

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    I recommend making your From Feed logo bigger, it is way too small at present.

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    hey I kinda like the site, but minus the small little fonts at the bottom. They look darn tiny on my laptop screen

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    Thanks Guys it helped me alot. Please anymore sugestions.

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