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Thread: Graphic Facilitation as Sharable Content

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    Question Graphic Facilitation as Sharable Content

    Iíve recently discovered this blog post on graphic facilitation by an artist guy who creates this kind of stuff for companies. So the artist presents graphic facilitation as a part of the marketing strategy which businesses began to make use of as as a source for sharable content. I actually got interested in the concept of graphic facilitation from the standpoint of a marketer as I believe that this kind of content can help distribute information about my business online in an out-of-the-box form which is likely to capture attention of potential customers or at least boost peopleís awareness of the brand. What do you think, guys? Should I further investigate possible marketing opportunities brought by graphic facilitation?

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    It certainly makes a boring subject fun to watch. I'm not even bothered by the guys monotone voice. It will stick in people's memory much better than just one or the other. Although, I generally prefer text and reading, that presentation in just plain text would put me to sleep.

    So if done right, I think you could really score some attention for a client. :O)

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    Given the talent to and capability to handle the tremendous workload of the project, this is by all means a very viable marketing approach. If you have to go out and hire the talent, your production costs will sore. I don't believe the artist in this case was inexpensive, by any stretch.

    @CoolDiamond, if you are so gifted, then yes, definitely explore this avenue, and put yourself in Igor's league.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisJumbo View Post
    It certainly makes a boring subject fun to watch.................................
    So if done right, I think you could really score some attention for a client. :O)
    I found it quite boring after a while. It would be a good idea but one would have to be a fast artist, like you see on shows sometimes. If it takes to long it becomes very boring.

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    I've been wondering where I might find someone who could do that, thanks for the link.

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    Thanks for the comment, guys.

    Well, I contacted this Igor artist and another team of graphic facilitators. So Igor asks for a relatively reasonable price (as I understood he had recently included graphic facilitation into his portfolio and he was still very prudent with pricing). The only problem for me is his tight schedule which puts my in the queue for a month or more.

    The team however is ready to start at any time but they asked for the price I could not afford. Graphic facilitation is their main business and their services are at the top available level in this field but I was absolutely discouraged by the price being asked. I believe the team works with large corporations or something, at least I think so based on how much their services cost.

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    Hey, guys!

    I've just noticed another purely SEO benefit of using the services of the guy I discussed in my first post here:
    There is a section in his blog called "Why hire me" where he states that “if my clients do not mind I am happy to promote their businesses…”. And indeed I noticed the guy maked posts on his projects in his blog (currently PR3) with a dofollow link (a keyword-rich anchor text) to customers' websites. He also posts videos he creates to his Youtube channel (currently 980 subscribers) and to his Facebook page (currently 1474 followers). I believe this kind of distribution would be a great bonus for me when I start my project with the guy. And this definitely reinforces the whole marketing strategy idea we are discussing here.
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