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Thread: Need an Android Development Tool!!

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    Need an Android Development Tool!!

    Hi ,

    MonoDroid is the application i found to develop Android applications using .NET languages but the only issue is it is a Paid software!! does any one know a Free version of a similar development tool which will help us develop Android based applications using any of these languages VB.NET , C# , C++ or Java but it should have a Good IDE and the capability to Drag and Drop !!

    Any one???
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    Why not use Eclipse?
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    Yeah Eclipse also seems fine to me, since Android runs on Java.

    Here you can read about how to develop an Android app!

    * Apparently I can't post links because I didn't post more than 10 replies yet.. So if you type
    "the developer's guide android developers" in Google and go to "Fundamentals" on that site, you
    should be able to get started *


  4. #4 there any IDE for C# or VB.NET to develop android apps like MonoDroid ?
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    You best use Visual Studio to develop those apps in C#. I don't think that it's free,
    I can download it for free because of my school, but ofcourse that isn't much use to you..

    If you have / can get Visual Studio I found a nice guide to get you started with developping apps
    in C#. Ofcourse I still can't paste links since this is my second post..

    But, it's on a site brutaldev . com, and the article is called "Android applications in C# using Visual Studio",
    you should be able to find it in Google.

    Good luck!

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    Android applications are written in Java, so you can use Eclipse or netbeans for development. You'll need to add the Androind SDK to the IDE you choose to work with.

    Forget about writing Android applications with C#, if you know C# learning Java should take a day or two, they are basically the same.

  7. The following user agrees with qdb:
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    Considering that Mono is not an IDE, but an SDK/Framwork that binds the core .Net API to the Android Native API, I am not so sure a "free" or non-commercial solution may be readily available.

    Suggesting Eclipse does not solve the issue, nor does suggesting Visual Studio. What the OP desires, in my understanding of the first post, is a framework, SDK, or API that allows a native C# app to become a native Android app, which is what MonoDroid accomplishes. The OP then goes on to state the desire for an IDE that accomplishes what Mono does. My understanding of Mono is it is a Visual Studio plugin that incoroporates the MonoDroid SDK that binds the core C# and Native Android APIs.

    However, since the OP also states they want to use Java, then they should already have Java knowledge/experience, which makes attempting to add an additional layer and use any .Net language (or any other language at that) a moot point, as any additional layers will impede performance over raw, native platform code that is well developed.

    The additional statement of wishing for drag and drop support indicates they want a quick and dirty way to develop apps using what they have and what they know, that likely doesn't require true core programming and development in the core Android language (Java) and be able to publish these apps.

    To my knowledge, a non-language specific and drag-and-drop development IDE does not exist for this, and there are no .Net to Native SDKs that I am aware of that are non-commercial or free.

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