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Thread: Running multiple Wordpress Blogs on your local Mac using MAMP (Pro) - How to?

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    Question Running multiple Wordpress Blogs on your local Mac using MAMP (Pro) - How to?

    Hi, thank you very much for your time.

    I would like to run multiple Wordpress blog installations on my local machine using Server Virtualization software MAMP (free) or MAMP Pro ($60). I'm not in any way a web developer. I understand hardly anything about coding, servers etc. so keep "moron" in mind when explaining.

    After searching all day for tutorials on how to manage this, all I found were many similarly oblivious users asking the question and getting no real answer, and very vague guides that left out most steps. Some discussions ended in arguments and got closed.

    Can anyone tell/show me exactly how to do this step by step for hypothetical Wordpress Blog 1 and Wordpress Blog 2? Once I understand how to do it, I will make a simple step by step walkthrough video to help other people accomplish it without wasting a week searching for a manual.

    Some websites recommend using MAMP Pro because it’s easier than doing it with the free version. That’s fine with me if it’s easier, I just want it to work and be able to show others how to do it.

    Thanks a lot!

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    First big question that pops up is, if as you say, keep 'm___n' in mind, then why would you want to set yourself up for a security nightmare by hosting a web server on our own computer? Times two or more with multiple blogs. Second question, how does your internet service provider view operating a web server on a residential service plan?

    Neither above is a real issue if you're just trying to set a local intranet for your own household. Is that what you want to do?

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    Thanks a lot for your reply, the point of MAMP is not to host your wordpress installation for the rest of the world. It’s just for editing offline, trying out plug-ins etc and once you’re satisfied you can upload your changes, similar to how static html could be edited offline.

    It’s simple with just one installation but with multiple blogs, it gets more complicated than just doing it twice.
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    That's what I forgot to ask: a testing server? Explains everything. Now, hopefully one of our WP enthusiasts will jump in with a real reply...

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