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Thread: Traffic to new sites

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    Traffic to new sites

    Lots of webmasters are buying bulk traffic.
    Something like $49.95 for 100,000 American Business related traffic.

    Do you buy this kind of as well ?

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    No one should buy this sort of traffic.. It is a complete and total waste of money and provides zero benefit to every except the guy trying to use Alexa rankings to sell his website.
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    No Dont Buy it!! traffic buying is waste of time and money .. you will never have conversions from those way is build your own traffic post on social networking sites etc...but buying traffic will get you useless people visiting your site and no conversion or registration!! be careful before investing in such programs!!
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    I believe this kind of traffic is not useful. Social Bookmarking is good idea generating good traffic for your site and it is also good at indexing them. So, submitting in useful social bookmarking sites can give you more visitors for your site.

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    Do yourself a favour by not buying. Down the road, you will feel pretty stupid about thinking of this idea

    Waste of money like others said.

    Use that money to buy a tool that is useful to your marketing or release a press release etc.

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