(Why is there no Software forum here?)

(On XP Pro SP3). Can anyone please tell me why Microsoft Security Essentials refuses to load at startup? I've gotten so fed up with Kaspersky Internet Security that I had to disable it. So I need replacements. MSE seems to work great (of course only for AV and malware) and it passes tests I threw at it. But even with its Service set to Automatic, I have to manually click its icon each time I start my PC for it to load! I see nothing in the settings or config on how to get it to load at startup like any other AV or anti-malware program!

*I can't put its shortcut in the "Start Up" folder because that would cause the program interface to open up each time my PC starts then I'd have to close it.

Under MSCONFIG it does not show up there! So there's no box I can check. Right now I'm trying to find a way to edit the MSCONFIG "Startup" tab so I can add it but I'm still trying to find a way to do that. (I'm still searching through the Registry right now).

*I've had to temporarily do that ^ and only after doing that did I see an entry for it in MSCONFIG's Startup tab, but again the problem of having to close the interface every time I start my PC is going to happen.

When I start the PC, and when I look at the Task Manager, the only thing running is its Service (MsMpEng.exe) and msseces.exe never loads until I click the icon. Just after I start the PC and when I look at the Task Manager, for a moment or so in addition to MsMpEng.exe I also saw MpCmdRun (which is the "Microsoft Malware Protection Command Line Utility"). It stayed there for a minute, then vanished. Never any 'msseces.exe'.

So how are you supposed to get it to start or load when your PC starts?