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Thread: Uploading pics to Facebook via text/email

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    Uploading pics to Facebook via text/email

    I'm of the old-school Facebook. Lately, I have been trying to upload pictures taken on my phone, and have been unsuccessful. I don't have the web on my phone, so I've been sending pictures via text message to e-mail (which used to work up until a few weeks ago).

    I go to while logged in (which used to tell me the e-mail address where to send pics/vids, e.g., but I'm guessing they're not doing media by e-mail anymore? I did a google search on this, and it gave me the old-school methods on how to set up mobile. I did check my mobile settings, and I do have all of my mobile stuff enabled.

    I'm guessing the only way to upload pics by phone now is if you have the app?

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    I found that if you want to use your text message feature to update your Facebook page, you have to activate the "Mobile" feature in your facebook account. You go to "Account settings", then click on "Mobile" on the left-hand side of the page. You'll then have to add your mobile phone number in and activate the text messaging feature in the settings. FB will tell you to send a text message to a numeric account with a letter (my case it was the letter "F") to verify. FB will then text you back an activation code for you to put in to the Facebook Mobile settings so that it can verify communication with your mobile phone.

    I was able to post a text message status update to my personal Facebook wall, but was unable to send an image - which might just be the limitation of my plan. If you have no problems sending images to other's phones, then you should be able to attach a picture to your text message and send it to your Facebook page.
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