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Thread: Data Lost

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    Data Lost

    Hello Friends,
    During format my pc i lost my data, how i recover it.

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    Try this. You will more than likely end up not getting anything back since you reformatted your computer and have probably been using it since then.

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    As long as you have not used the harddisk after you had formatted your PC then you can use any of the data recovery software (just google for data recovery software) should resolve your issue. I had done it once using Acronis Recovery when I accidentally formatted my wife's PC. I used my PC to make the purchase of the software and putting her harddisk as the secondary drive to recover with my PC.
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    Hello friends,

    Due to some problem my OS corrupt so i cann't format my computer too. i don't know how to format it and how ca i will get back up all data. If any helpful answer than please suggest me.

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