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Thread: Doom and gloom: on hackers, China and cyberwar

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    Post Doom and gloom: on hackers, China and cyberwar

    This was posted this morning (March 28) on Good Morning Silicon Valley:
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    In the mid-eighties, no antivirus and firewall were needed. I had one client who was a hacker. He skimmed the banks for the cents value of every account and made ~$100 000 a year profit. Eventually he did get busted too. He bought all my old hardware for his computer farm. We are losing the freedom of using the computers for fun and business to greed and treachery. Kind of sad. We call it progress. Shame on us humans. People freely advertise on Internet "Hacker for hire."
    Our thirst for power and money exceeds all decency. This will eventually bring our society down into chaos and primitivism once again. Sticks and stones. Happened before, we just don't remember it. Some of the bright young minds hungry for fame and riches are falling for the bait of quick buck. Making money? By all means, but make it ethically. Do something for it. This forum has some shining examples of really good workmanship in the cyber field. Excellent designers, SEOs, you name it.
    As far as governments, they not proactive enough I believe. Criminals are hiding behind human rights, freedoms of expression and similar. The penalties are not fitting the crime. I could go on I guess, but I believe I have painted the picture. Proactive action on cyber-crime is required.

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    Affirmative action comes at a very high cost--democracy. Do we destroy the rights and freedoms of 99 people just to make it easier to catch 1 person?

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    To add to the issue, here is what was in yesterday's GMSV:

    Watching Big Brother: The cops and cell phones in the U.S., the U.K.’s monitoring plans.

    Not exactly on topic with Cyberwar, posted in the OP, but along the lines of the thread discussion, perhaps.

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