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Thread: Seo 89

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    Post Seo 89

    It occurs to me that the 101 level may be too advanced for some learners. In academia the curriculum often provides for introductory or refresher level courses for students who do not possess the prerequisites.

    For instance, in our province, one requirement for university admission is English 30 (Senior matriculation level). For those applicants with all other prerequisites institutions usually provide a ramp up with a level 89 course, such as English 89 or Communication 89. Pass with 3.0 GPA or better and admission is allowed into English 101.

    We need an SEO 89 thread here, in my humble view, so this is it. Our first post is one that has been moved from the Google Discussion Forum for this exact purpose.

    Care to help out?

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    Question Help with keywords

    I have gone through forums, tutorials, blogs etc.
    All of them have taught how to choose best keywords for your site or blog, but I couldn't find any tutorial which can show how can we use those selected keywords inside our blog.
    Can anyone help me in this regard?

    How to use the best keywords in our blog???

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    New to SEO

    Everyone here is got heavy brains on seo. I feel like I am late for the prom. I'm only 25 but still. My question is, how do I deal with google's new alga rythm

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    Regardless of any new algorithm, the content and link building must be relevant to reader. In others, you build a site to target readers instead of Google robots.

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    Google says " Build a site for your users first "

    The main objective of any website should be to have quality of information and easy to navigate. If you have this for humans than you have the first steps.

    Also remember : Do not use Flash, Images need to be optimized for keywords and submitting to directories and other sites to let the world know you exist.

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    SEO is nothing but Link Building.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamlet View Post
    SEO is nothing but Link Building.
    Only to people who lack any knowledge about the subject, or the ability to rank.
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    I've seen games sites with no review (and therefore with very little text) placed by google in an excellent position: this is about writing good content? There is only one explanation: google ranks sites based on the liking of readers

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    Quote Originally Posted by tipud View Post
    Also remember : Do not use Flash
    Really? And why "do not use Flash"?
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  10. The following user agrees with LD:
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    "Images need to be optimized for keywords" was never in the original expectation for search. Optimized how, by long tail file name? By juggling the alternate text to contain keywords whether they have anything to do with actual image or not? By filling the title attribute with more description than need be applied, just to squeeze in an extra keyword? Is this optimizing, really? According to the latest from G, no. It is over optimizing, and is taking a hit.

    Images need to be appropriately optimized. In other words, their attributes need to be populated with text that makes sense to both the user and the user agents and it needs to describe the image moreso that what it relates to.

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