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Thread: Ajax/jQuery script needed

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    Ajax/jQuery script needed

    I am working on a project that will include links to several CAD files. Upon hovering over each link I need to have an image (jpg) of the CAD file appear within a specific DIV. Clicking on the link (and maybe the image hover) will lead to a zipped download of the actual CAD file.
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    You don't need AJAX to do that. Just preload the images and switch between them in an onMouseOver function.

    The only reason you might want to use AJAX for this is if the information you want to display in the div is likely to change frequently (so frequently that the information may have changed since the user first loaded the page).

    Since AJAX has to go back to the server to process the request and then download the image file to display in the div then performance will be compromised and those on slower internet connections will be faced with a probably unacceptable delay and loss of functionality.
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    this is basically what you need, adapt it a little bit so it would fit your needs

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